Dr. Peter Wiebe is a scientist emeritus at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. His research interests include the quantitative population ecology of zooplankton with emphasis on zooplankton small-scale distribution and abundance, the biology of Gulf Stream Rings, zooplankton associated with deep-sea hydrothermal vents, dynamics of populations on Georges Bank and on the continental shelf region of the Western Antarctic Peninsula, acoustical determination of zooplankton biomass, abundance, and size, and the census of holozooplankton biodiversity in the worlds oceans  He has been a leader in the development and operation of a data management system for biological, physical, and chemical ocean data ( He has served the US National Research Council as a member on the Committee on Undersea Vehicles and National Needs and on the Committee on an Ocean Infrastructure Strategy for U.S. Ocean Research in 2030. He is a member of the ICES Working Group for Zooplankton Ecology and the ICES Data and Information Group.