The conference will be comprised of keynote lectures, workshops, panels, oral presentations and poster sessionsPosters will be displayed for the entire conference. Oral presentations will be delivered on three topics during 14 thematic sessions and 9 workshops.


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Agenda and Order of the day

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Keynote Lecture Speakers

17 November10:00-11:00Plenary room 112Delivering On Science's Social ContractJane Lubchenco (USA) 
18 November08:30-09:30Plenary room 112Get Ready For Ocean AcidificationSam Dupont (Sweden)
19 November08:30-09:30Plenary room 112How Do We Reverse The Current? On The Need To Integrate Both Humans And Nature Into Ocean Science, Management And GovernanceAlida Bundy (Canada)  
20 November08:30-09:30Plenary room 112The East Asian Marginal Seas: A Jellfish Hotspot In A Bumpy Road To Fishery SustainabilityShin-Ichi Uye (Japan)
21 November08:30-09:30Plenary room 112Fisheries And Global Warming; Impacts On Marine EcosystemsDaniel Pauly (France)
21 November16:30-18:00Plenary room 112Closing Session

Lisa Emelia Svensson (Sweden)
and Wendy Watson Wright (Canada)


Posters will be displayed for the entire conference. Poster sessions will take place on Monday 17 November and Wednesday 19 NovemberAbstracts will be evaluated by the International Scientific Committee on the basis of technical quality and relevance to the topics. Due to time constraints, poster submissions are highly recommended. Depending on time constraints and allocations, abstracts submitted for oral presentation could be accepted as posters.

Poster presentation should be in:  Vertical Format A0 (width 841mm x height 1189mm).

Posters can refer to one theme session but also to one workshop.

17 November08:30 - 19:30Posters 
18:00 - 19:30Poster Session
18 November08:30 - 19:30Posters 
19 November08:30 - 19:30Posters 
18:00 - 19:30Poster Session
20 November08:30 - 19:30Posters 
21 November08:30 - 19:30Posters 

Second Announcement

Read the Conference's Second Announcement


The following workshops are already included in the programme (16 November):

10:00-12:3014:00-17:00Room 131WS1. Scientists Sharing Data: Existing Databases, Improving Access, Data Poor AreasPeter Wiebe (USA)
Ward Appeltans (Belgium)
10:00-12:4514:00-16:00Room M216WS2. Case Studies Of New Mechanisms For Improving Ocean GovernanceOran Young (Norway)
Larry Hilderbrand (Sweden)
10:00-12:3014:00-17:00Room 132WS3. One Ocean: The Global Circulation And Interconnected EcosystemsErik Van Sebille (Australia)
Janet Sprintall (USA)
10:00-12:3014:00-17:00Room 215WS4. Genes To Ecosystems: Genomic Tools To Understand Ecosystem FunctionXabier Irigoyen (Saudi Arabia)
Ann Bucklin (USA)
10:00-12:3014:00-17:00Room 133WS5. Global Reporting Of Assessments Of The Status Of Marine EnvironentsJulian Barbiere (France)
Juan Bellas (Spain)
10:00-12:3014:00-17:00Room M218WS6. Achievements And Future Research On Micro-Plastics In The Marine EnvironmentPeter Kershaw (UK)
Richard Thompson (UK)
Alexander Turra (Brazil)
10:00-12:3014:00-17:00Room 134WS7. How Is Your Ecosystem Doing? Advances In The Use And Understanding Of Ecosystem IndicatorsWilliam Dennison (USA)
Lynne Shannon (South Africa)
10:00-12:3014:00-17:00Room M217WS8. Promoting Communication Within The Early Career Marine Scientists  Mike Roman (USA)
Vangelis Papathanassiou (Greece)
Stefania Klayn (Greece)
10:00-13:1514:30-17:00Room M219-M220WS9. European Marine Policy And Its Implementation Through Projects For Marine monitoring for blue growthPaolo Barattini (Italy)
Esther Garcés (Spain)

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Morning Panels

17 November11:30-13:00Plenary room 112

The Dawn Of The Robotic Exploration Of Our Planet Ocean

Jack Barth (USA)Breck Owens (USA)
Jim Bellingham (USA)
Vincent Rigaud (France)
Joaquin Tintoré (Spain)
18 November09:30-11:00Plenary room 112

The Future Of Large International Programmes In Support Of New Ocean Science And Lessons Learned From Past Programmes

Manuel Barange (UK)Liana McManus (Philippines)
Martin Visbeck (Germany)
Mike Roman (USA)
Patricio Bernal (Chile)   
19 November09:30-11:00Plenary room 112

The Science-Policy Interface: Scientists Communicating With Decision-Makers

Jane Lubchenco (USA)Alan Simcock (UK)
Carol Turley (UK)
Niall McDonough (Belgium)
David Vander Zwaag (Canada)
20 November09:30-11:00Plenary room 112

A Paradigm Shift For Sustainable, Productive Fisheries: The Need To Move From Selective Fishing To Balanced Harvesting

Jack Rice (Canada)Jeppe Kolding (Norway)
Gabriela Bianchi (Italy)
Qisheng Tang (China)      
21 November09:30-11:00Plenary room 112

Biodiversity, Conservation And The Interface With Human Need And Greed

Peter Neill (USA)Joachim Claudet (France)
Mark Costello (New Zealand)
Simonetta Fraschetti (Italy)
Patricia Miloslavich (Venezuela)                            

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Thematic Sessions

The sessions will include oral communication and posters and the authors should choose one of these modalities.

Fourteen thematic sessions have been selected covering the three main topics:

17 November14:30- 18:00Room 112T1 TS1The Changing Polar Climate SystemsMiquel Alcaraz (Spain)
Vladimir Ryabinin (Russia)
Helen Phillips (Australia) 
19 November16:30- 18:00Room 133-134T1 TS2Regional Warm Seas: A Laboratory For The FutureJordi Salat (Spain)
Maurizio Ribera (Italy)   
Xabier Irigoyen (S.Arabia)
20 November11:30- 16:00
18 November11:30- 18:00Room 111T1 TS3Low Oxygen & Low PH Environments In Coastal & Ocean WatersRichard Feely (USA)
Marilaure Gregoire (Belgium)
S Wajih Naqvi (India)
19 November11:30- 13:00
18 November11:30- 18:00Room 112T1 TS4New Frontiers In Modelling For Oceanography, Fisheries & Marine Ecosystem ManagementShin-ichi Ito (Japan)
Pierre Petitgas (France)     
Coleen Moloney (South Africa)
18 November16:30- 18:00Room 131-132T1 TS5Transforming Our Understanding Of Ocean Processes  Through New TechnologiesJack Barth (USA)
Gabriel Gorsky (France)         
Douglas Connelly (UK)
19 November11:30- 18:00
17 November14:30- 18:00Room 111T1 TS6How Many Species In The Ocean? Trends In BiodiversityMarta Estrada (Spain)
Ward Appeltans (Belgium) 
Marc Costello (New Zealand)

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18 November16:30- 18:00Room 133-134T2 TS1Coral Reefs Sustaining Biodiversity In The Face Of Climate Change & Human ImpactsAldo Croquer (Venezuela)Thomas Goreau (Jamaica)
19 November11:30- 16:00
17 November14:30- 18:00Room 131-132T2TS2Response of Marine Biota To Human Pressures & Climate Change; Its Implications For Social-Ecological SystemsKatja Fennel (Canada)
Joaquim Garrabou (Spain)
Emma Cebrian (Spain)
18 November11:30- 16:00
20 November16:30- 18:00Room 133-134T2TS3Recovery & Sustainability Of Large Marine Ecosystems Around The WorldKenneth Sherman (USA)
Robin Mahon (Barbados)
Kenneth Sherman (USA)
21 November11:30- 16:00
19 November14:30- 18:00Room 111T2TS4Pollution From Land Based Activities: Towards Smart Cities & Healthy OceansLuiz Drude Lacerda (Brazil)
Sumei Lu (China)
William Dennison (USA)
20 November11:30- 16:00
17 November14:30- 18:00Room 133-134T2TS5Operationalizing Ecosystem-Based Management: The Challenges Of Translating Scientific Knowledge Into Decision Tools For Integrated Management.Yvonne Walter (Sweden)
AnaTeresa Caetano (Portugal)
Rafael Sardà (Spain)
18 November11:30- 16:00

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20 November11:30- 18:00Room 112T3TS1Ocean Governance In The Face Of Societal Pressures & Uncertain PredictionsBiliana Cicin-Sain  (USA)
David VanderZwaag (Canada)
Fokion Vosniakos (Greece)
Enrique de Villamore (Spain)
21 November11:30- 16:00
20 November16:30- 18:00Room 111T3TS2Success Stories In Capacity-Building In Ocean SciencesAlbert Fischer (France)
Nicholas Bates (Bermudas)
Karen H. Wiltshire (UK)
21 November11:30- 16:00
20 November11:30- 18:00Room 131-132T3TS3The Valuation Of Coastal & Marine Ecosystem ServicesPaolo A.L.D.Nunes (Portugal)
Maria Betti (European Commission)
Juan-Carlos Miquel (Monaco)

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Side events & Exhibitions

TV Corners (16-21 Nov, 8:30-19:30h)

There will be six areas designated to TV Corners in the Lobby of the International Conference Center of Barcelona (CCIB) which will display information on:

-  Ocean Acidification. Producers: Kirsten Isensee (IOC) and Lina Hansson (OA-ICC)

-  Biodiversity. Producers: Salvatore Arico (UNESCO) and Ward Appeltans (OBIS)

-  Plastics. Producers: Rejane Herve-Smadja (IOC) and Jo Ruxton (Plastic Oceans)

-  Polar Oceanography. Producers: Vladimir Ryabinin (WCRP) and Miquel Alcaraz (CSIC)

-  Reseach vessels. Producers: José Ignacio Díaz (IEO) and Geraint West (NOC)

-  Ocean literacy. Producers: Emily Koulouvaris (PERSEUS) and Francesca Santoro (IOC) 

Pre-recorded messages will be played here, featuring industry leaders, Academics and NGO representatives.

Transboundary Water Assesment Programme (17 Nov, 13:15-14:30h)

Presents the UN scientific reports on Transboundary Water Assesment Programme (TWAP) in room 131-132. TWAP consists of five independent indicator-based assessments and linkages between them, including theis socioenonomic and governance-related features.  

Global Ocean Commission (18 Nov, 13:00-14:30h)

This event will provide an opportunity for experts and scientists to discuss the role of ocean conservation measures for the recovery of fish stocks and marine ecosystems, as well as for climate change resilience. The audience will be invited to discuss the current gaps in the ocean policy-science interface and their implications, in Room 131-132.

The Future Ecosystem Aproach to Fisheries - Nansen Programme (19 Nov, 13:00-14:30h)

The side event is organized by The Future Ecosystem Aproach to Fisheries - Nansen Programme (EAF-NANSEN) as an oportunity to introduce the future programme and provide feedback from possible national and international partners, Room 131-132.

Microplastics GESAMP (20 Nov, 13:45-14:25h)

Presentation ot the Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP) report in reference to microplastics, Room 131-132.

CETaqua - AGBAR (21 Nov, 13:00 -14:30h)

Presentation ot the FP7 PEARL Project Preparing for extreme and rare events in coastal regions and FP7DESSIN - Demonstrate ecosystem services enabling innovation in the water sector, Room 131-132.

The Oceanography Society (16-21 Nov, 8:30-19:30h)

Exhibition and information on The Oceanography Magazine in the CCIB Lobby.

Plastic Corner (16-21 Nov, 8:30-19:30h)

An exhibition area in the Lobby of the CCIB that also provides bottles of water for everyone during the conference and collects and recycles. So please remember to recycle your bottle here. 

Visit the scientific vessels and IMOCA 60 boats (17-21 Nov, 10:00-13:00 and 16:00-19:00h)

The Instituto Español de Oceanografia (IEO Spain) will be celebrating its centenary by basing its Research Vessels ‘Ramon Margalef’ and ‘Francisco P. Navarro' at the Moll de la Fusta open for atendees to visit. The catamaran 'SOCIB', a coastal ocean research vessel together with The Barcelona World Race IMOCA 60 boats, 'One Planet One Ocean' and 'Mirabaud' will also be moored alongside these vessels.

Film Festival (18 Nov, from 18:00 to 23:00h)

Films from the 2014 Marseille Underwater Film Festival will be screened at the Museu Blau - Natural History Museum of Barcelona.:

- World Festival of Underwater Pictures trailer (1min)

- Award-winning pictures, with award-winning music (5min)

- Inside-Outside (4min - French)

- Bonaire Bonanza (26min - English)

- Shark attack at Reunion Island: investigation (96min - French)

Entrance is free for the conference registered participants. For further information please contact the registration desk.

Barcelona Underwater Exhibition (24 October 2014 - 12 April 2015)

One of the world's most important collections of aquatic cameras and subaquatic photographs and cinema can be seen at the Museu Marítim. Further information

Barcelona Underwater Festival (29 October 2014 - 11 March 2015)

Conferences, exhibitions, films and the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the launching of the submarine "Ictineo-II", the first of its kind with anaerobic propulsion at the Museu Marítim. Further information

Museu Blau - Natural History Museum of Barcelona (16-21 Nov)

Free access (with conference accreditation pass) to visit the Museu Blau - Natural History Museum of Barcelona. Further information

A conference on oceanographic science and extreme sailing (20 Nov, 19:00-20:00h)

Conference/round table with skipper Cali Sanmartí his experiences during the BWR 2010-2011 on the We Are Water OPEN 60 boat and Josep MªGili, Research Professor of the Spanish National Research Council-Institute Marine Science Barcelona. The conference will take place at the Museu Blau - Natural History Museum of Barcelona. Further information

Botanical Garden of Barcelona (16-21 Nov, 10:00-17:00h)

Free pass care of Museu Blau (with the conference accreditation pass) to visit the Botanical Garden of Barcelona. Further information

Social events

Welcome Reception (16 Nov, 18:30 - 19:30h)

A welcome reception will be hosted by the Barcelona City Council at the Saló de Cent. Shuttle buses will be available departing from CCIB to the City Council at 17:45 and return to the CCIB at 19:45.

Blue Cocktail evening (19 Nov, 20:30 - 22:30h)

The conference dinner , The Blue Cocktail evening, will be in the Sala Grada Major of the Museu Marítim de Barcelona - The Barcelona Maritime Museum is located very close the Ramblas and city center, Av. de les Drassanes s/n (Metro L3 - Drassanes). Shuttle buses will be available and will depart from CCIB to the Barcelona Maritime Museum at 19:45 and return to CCIB at 22:30h.

Grants for early career scientists

50 grants of 300€ (lump sum) will be available to early career scientists. This sum should cover 5 nights’ accommodation costs in Barcelona.

To be eligible for a grant:

  • Early career scentists – postgraduates under 38 of age.
  • Submission of an abstract is mandatory when applying for a grant.
  • Abstracts will be evaluated on the basis of technical quality and relevance to the topics.
  • Successful applicants will receive a reply by end of July.