Dr. Miquel Alcaraz Medrano (Spain) is Research Professor at the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and head of the Marine Zooplankton Ecology Group (GEZMA) at the Institute of Marine Sciences of Barcelona (http://www.icm.csic.es/bio/projects/gezm/home.htm). In the course of his more than 40 years of research experience in marine ecology and oceanography, he has headed or participated in international and Spanish projects linked to practically all the topics of marine ecology. His main field of research includes aspects related to the role of zooplankton in pelagic marine ecosystems, from taxonomy (he has described two new species, a planktonic copepod, Acartia margalefi, and a mysid, Hemimysis margalefi) to aspects related to physical-biological interactions in marine systems. Since the 80’s, his work has focused on the study of feeding mechanisms and swimming behavior and physiology of copepods, on the effects of small-scale turbulence on the structure and functioning of plankton communities, and on the consequences of the global change on polar marine systems.